Witness of God’s Love In Action

We invite you, our congregation, to add your voice to reflect on the gospel, the role God plays in your life, or something remarkable about love that you’d like to share. Please contact vitalaht@ascensionholytrinity.com if you’d like to contribute one time, or on a regular basis. We ask for submissions have a title, be at least 100 words for each post, and have a picture, if possible. Please include a brief bio.

What keeps you up at night?

“The Beloved Community is a realistic vision of an achievable society, one in which problems and conflict exist, but are resolved peacefully and without bitterness. In the Beloved Community, caring and compassion drive political policies that support the worldwide elimination of poverty and hunger and all forms of bigotry and …

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Explore the way of love

At General Convention 79 (#GC79) this year, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry invited us to consider creating a new way to live in following Jesus, the #wayoflove. Here are some resources for you to explore on your own and learn how to create a Rule of Life for yourself. If you are …

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Coffee Hour for One Year

What’s your favorite part of church? Not just the service, but being part of a church? For my family, being part of a community that welcomes strangers is a favorite. Coffee hour is the time when we welcome the stranger. After communion, it’s a quick three steps and down the …

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