Rector’s Reflections

Sabbatical, a year on.

A year ago today the minivan was loaded up with camping gear, and I began my trip out west for the August portion of my sabbatical. It is hard to believe that sabbatical was one year ago already. In a way, sabbatical saved my spirit. Before sabbatical I had served …

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Jesus has an active prayer life

It’s a snowy day, and many people can’t make it to church, and many did. Please watch the video to hear today’s sermon and click the link to read today’s readings. Video: Let us pray: The First Sunday After the Epiphany Father in heaven, who at the baptism of Jesus …

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Assuming Positive Intent

“Assuming Positive Intent”   While away on sabbatical I had the opportunity to read several quality books, as well as several relaxing, easy reads.  One of the quality books I read was Stephen Covey’s, The Speed of Trust:  The One Thing That Changes Everything.  Our 2018 Vestry team practices increasing …

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  Sabbath.  My three months of intense sabbath has come and gone, and while I have let go of the travel and am physically present in Cincinnati, my hope is that I don’t forget my sacred gift of time, space, and leisurely strolling any time soon.   I left my …

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The Power of Love – June Connections

Great Commandment

Did you catch it, the fever of Gospel love that Presiding Bishop Michael Curry proclaimed at the royal wedding on Saturday, May 19? If you slept through it, you can watch/read the Presiding Bishop’s sermon here. The newest social media meme floating about the interwebs is from a piece of …

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