Guided Meditation


Our Guided Meditation Ministry was established early in 2010 as an initiative of two parishioners at Ascension & Holy Trinity under the auspices of the Parish Health Ministry. Maurice Bason and Terry Kessler battled life threatening cancers and experienced the power of mindfulness meditation to support their difficult journeys.

What began as an invitation to explain and introduce Guided Meditation to any who had interest, rapidly became a growing fellowship of those who wanted ongoing meditation in a group setting. We discerned that our mission was to bring compassion to each other, to our own selves and to those in the community who were in need of support.

We have now introduced the practice of Guided Meditation to more than 220 people, and our twice weekly Group Meditations are each attended by an ever changing four to twenty people from a diverse cross section of our community.

We have developed a library of more than eighty Guided Mediation CDs. Copies can be made on request for members of the group for their personal use or to give to someone else. CDs along with instructions and well wishes are delivered to anyone known to be in need. We have distributed several hundred CDs in response to requests.

What is Guided Meditation?

Guided Meditation (Imagery and Affirmations) is a practice that can help your body, mind and spirit work together for your benefit. It can do no harm; it is not hypnosis – you remain totally in control.

Guided Imagery and Affirmations have the potential to help by reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. Guided meditation can also have a positive impact on your immune system, and on your physiological and psychological responses to pain. Most importantly, by experiencing Guided Meditation you will be participating actively and constructively in your own health and healing!

Our Guided Meditation audio recordings have been produced and narrated by professional meditation guides. No prior experience in meditation is needed.

Guided Imagery heightens your awareness by awakening all of your senses. It helps you to achieve a relaxing, daydreaming state, but with a particular intention in mind.  An imagery “journey” can bring you in touch with your emotions in a helpful way.

Guided Affirmations are cycles of positive statements that you can repeat to yourself, helping to counteract negative thinking. You may find that affirmations are more effective for you than imagery.

When & Where

Group meditation is held twice each week – on Tuesday evenings from 7:30-8:30pm and on Wednesday mornings from 9-10am. During the pandemic, we are meeting by Zoom Conference. Please contact Anne Brack at to get call details.

In Person meeting is On Hold: Ascension & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, 321 Worthington Ave (corner of Worthington and Burns Avenues), Wyoming, Ohio. We meet in the Parish Health Ministry Room, when there is not a pandemic.

The door we use is the street level door to the left of the steps which lead up to the Church Office on the Worthington Avenue side of the building. The entry code is 125678, which is operable for an hour–half an hour on either side of our starting times. Once inside you proceed up the stairs and turn left through the doorway at the top. The door is marked Parish Health.

Meditation Themes

Our library of meditations has been compiled from professionally produced audio tracks (a professional meditation guide narrates the meditation over relaxing background music). Our sources have been Kaiser Permanente and the University of Michigan.

The overarching intention of our meditation is compassion; to each other, to our own selves and to those in the community who are in need of support. Through compassion we can better accept and embrace the sometimes joyful and sometimes painful realities of our lives. Through mindful acceptance we can reduce physiological stress and psychological anxiety and maintain wellness or speed the path to healing.

Each month we select Guided Meditations to address a specific intention. The following is a list of our current meditation themes.

  • Releasing Stress & Anxiety
  • Focus on the Heart & Compassion
  • Encouraging Self-Confidence
  • Relief from Pain & Suffering
  • Supporting Wellness & Healing
  • Seeking Peace & Contentment

What do I need to bring?

There is no need for special clothing or equipment. Come as you comfortably are! Most of us sit in chairs as we meditate.

How does the Group meditate?

We sit on chairs and sofas around the perimeter of the room. Newcomers are welcomed and introductions made. The meditation session begins with a prayer.

Our meditation CDs typically consist of a short piece of relaxation music followed by a 20 minute, and finally a much shorter, guided meditation.

We sit comfortably with legs and arms uncrossed, breathe naturally and rhythmically, and listen to the meditations with closed eyes. Our minds may wander; we may even fall asleep! These responses are normal and do not prevent the positive effects of the meditation.

At the conclusion of the meditations people often offer comments about their experience.

The hallmarks of our group are to be warmly welcoming, inclusive and supportive, thus creating a safe space of trust and acceptance.

Freewill Donations

There is no charge for Group Meditation and the CDs are also distributed free of charge.
We invite free will donations to sustain our ministry.