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Coffee Hour for One Year

What’s your favorite part of church? Not just the service, but being part of a church? For my family, being part of a community that welcomes strangers is a favorite. Coffee hour is the time when we welcome the stranger. After communion, it’s a quick three steps and down the …

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School’s Out For the Summer, But Church Is Still In Session


    The month of June is finally upon us.  June means that school is out for the summer.  Pools all around are open.  Gardens are being worked upon.  Many of us get our children involved in all sorts of camps, either locally or at some distance away.  Several of …

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RenewalWorks at A&HT

On Renewal… As you should all be aware, Fr. Eric will be taking a sabbatical this summer. He will be out of the office from the beginning of August through the end of October. The purpose of his sabbatical is his own rest and renewal in preparation for his next …

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Summer Music at A&HT

During the summer months of June and July our Adult choir gets a well deserved break from their weekly Thursday evening rehearsals. The worship needs of the congregation do not take a break, and we always plan for Sunday worship to be an anchor for our people. The good news …

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Hope Coalition builds May 19 and June 23 2018

A&HT is part of the HOPE COALITION in 2018 again, along with Church of the Advent, Walnut Hills, Calvary Clifton, Christ Church Cathedral, Christ Church Glendale, and St. Andrew’s Evanston and we are providing lunch and volunteers on May 19 and June 23. Who do we need? Volunteers aged 18 …

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Rector’s Reflections from May Connections

La Terza

I know this will be hard for some of you to believe, but I’m a man who loves his routines. Over the years I have grown and become more flexible with my routines (somewhat), but there is something in my psyche that gets a deep satisfaction from routine. From washing …

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VICRC Manna list for May

Underwear & Socks—Adults & children’s sizes ….and a few items we always need… Crackers, Soup, Ramen Noodles, Canned Spinach, Peanut Butter, Canned Fruit, Cereal; toilet paper, Empty cottage cheese/ yogurt containers (used to fill with laundry soap etc.) Items will be blessed on 6/3.

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Grant Us Strength & Courage–Procter Camp 2018

Grant Us Strength and Courage “Strength and Courage” are two things all of us need everyday.  Often life feels like a piece of cake, but there are many times, too, when we feel like we are not making any peace as we churn around in the mixing bowl of batter …

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I Saw God

I saw God. Yes, you read that correctly. Sunday April 8th I witnessed God working miracles in a community I’m part of, Wyoming, Ohio. It was a normal Sunday, typical for many a priest. I held two worship services; I preached at the early service and led a Taize-inspired worship …

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The Stillness of Taize


This Sunday April 8th we are having a bit of a different worship experience for Ascension & Holy Trinity.  That’s right, the second Sunday of Easter our 10:00 liturgy will have strong elements of Taize-style music.  In fact, we won’t even be using the organ–I know, how adventurous of us! …

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Three Times I’ve Seen God in Two Weeks

Wakanda Forever!

I’ve seen God around me in some places that aren’t always expected, especially in media and work. Here are three times I’ve seen God in the world in the past two weeks, and they make me feel hope and joy. Global – Let’s talk about the hit action movie Black Panther and Wakanda, …

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Better Be Ready

Eric Miller

Last Sunday we held our first of five “Better Be Ready” sessions.  The Rev. Maggie Foote and I shared about the importance of preparing for our final days on earth and for our funeral liturgies.  We encouraged those gathered that our funeral liturgy can be our last gift to the …

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Call to action – Episcopal Church Bishops urge action

Would you be willing to join us in one, or all of these activities? Contact your elected representatives and ask them to support legislation banning assault weapons such as the AR-15, which is the gun used in most of the recent mass shootings in our country; high-capacity magazines; and bump …

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Can Episcopal Christians afford to keep silent? by Margot Madison

Hypocrites. Self-righteous. Intolerant. Unyielding. Delusional. Judgemental. Hateful. These are the adjectives friends of mine think of when they think of Christians. To be honest, I wasn’t really shocked, though I must admit that it stung a little to see those words repeated by many people whom I adore and admire. …

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Friendships That Endure

Dear Beloved of Ascension & Holy Trinity, My dear friend, colleague, and brother in Christ, Pastor Ed Goode, has made the difficult decision to resign from serving as head pastor of Wyoming Presbyterian Church. It is likely that unreconciled differences led to Ed’s decision to resign as minister of his …

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