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I Saw God

I saw God. Yes, you read that correctly. Sunday April 8th I witnessed God working miracles in a community I’m part of, Wyoming, Ohio. It was a normal Sunday, typical for many a priest. I held two worship services; I preached at the early service and led a Taize-inspired worship …

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The Stillness of Taize


This Sunday April 8th we are having a bit of a different worship experience for Ascension & Holy Trinity.  That’s right, the second Sunday of Easter our 10:00 liturgy will have strong elements of Taize-style music.  In fact, we won’t even be using the organ–I know, how adventurous of us! …

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Three Times I’ve Seen God in Two Weeks

Wakanda Forever!

I’ve seen God around me in some places that aren’t always expected, especially in media and work. Here are three times I’ve seen God in the world in the past two weeks, and they make me feel hope and joy. Global – Let’s talk about the hit action movie Black Panther and Wakanda, …

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Better Be Ready

Eric Miller

Last Sunday we held our first of five “Better Be Ready” sessions.  The Rev. Maggie Foote and I shared about the importance of preparing for our final days on earth and for our funeral liturgies.  We encouraged those gathered that our funeral liturgy can be our last gift to the …

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Call to action – Episcopal Church Bishops urge action

Would you be willing to join us in one, or all of these activities? Contact your elected representatives and ask them to support legislation banning assault weapons such as the AR-15, which is the gun used in most of the recent mass shootings in our country; high-capacity magazines; and bump …

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Can Episcopal Christians afford to keep silent? by Margot Madison

Hypocrites. Self-righteous. Intolerant. Unyielding. Delusional. Judgemental. Hateful. These are the adjectives friends of mine think of when they think of Christians. To be honest, I wasn’t really shocked, though I must admit that it stung a little to see those words repeated by many people whom I adore and admire. …

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Friendships That Endure

Dear Beloved of Ascension & Holy Trinity, My dear friend, colleague, and brother in Christ, Pastor Ed Goode, has made the difficult decision to resign from serving as head pastor of Wyoming Presbyterian Church. It is likely that unreconciled differences led to Ed’s decision to resign as minister of his …

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Shrove Tuesday Invitation!

SIGN up NOW with your ACT for the Variety Show!    Sign up sheets on the Front hallway bulletin board  in in the Parish Hall! Volunteers needed for Monday, at noon, for set up of tables & chairs, please. Or, email Christina, , for sign ups or volunteering. For the Pot …

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February Connections

multicolor plait

Annual Meeting Results, Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Lenten Series, and Bowling! Click here for February Connections.

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Safe Church Training!!

If you interact with kids or older adults then we strongly recommend you take this training. All church employees, vestry members, wardens, Sunday School teachers and eucharistic visitors are required to take the training. Eric is requesting all those needing training to do so by March 1. Here is the …

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“You Better Be Ready”

meditation at lake at sunrise

“You Better Be Ready” Starting February 18 after coffee hour in the Assembly Room I invite you all to join us as we gather together for a five week series, called “You Better Be Ready” during the season of Lent. We will cover the deep theological questions, as well as some …

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Seasoning Lent: 40 Days of Recipes and Reflections

Lent begins soon! The Parish Health Ministry of Ascension & Holy Trinity has a program that will use weekly reflections and healthy recipes to enhance your Lenten practice. In partnership with ERS Parish Health Ministry we will offer a new program called Seasoning Lent: 40 Days of Recipes and Reflections. …

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Bring your Palms!

Traditionally, the ashes for the Ash Wednesday (Feb 14, 2018) service come from burning the palm fronds from the previous year’s Palm Sunday celebration.  If you have any, now is the time to bring them in.  You may leave them in the narthex, or feel free to give them to any member of the Altar …

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Procter Camp Sunday Feb. 4th

Procter Eucharist welcomes everyone, ally

Breaking News! This just in! Ascension & Holy Trinity is having its first ever Procter Camp Sunday on February 4th! You will not want to miss this very memorable, marvelous Sunday. What’s so special about having a Procter Camp Sunday? Thanks for asking. For starters, several of our A&HT high …

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