Wyoming Alcohol Task Force Invites You…

Join the Wyoming Alcohol Task Force as we explore steps to reduce the current opioid epidemic impacting the Tri-State area and posing a risk to our children. A panel of experts, led by Emcee Mary Haag, President/CEO of PreventionFIRST!, will discuss four key strategies to reducing the impact of the

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Part 3: Thank You

  “Thank you.” That concise statement is the third “thing” from author Ira Byock’s, The Four Things That Matter Most: A Book About Living.” For those who may be unaware, this is the third of my four part blog post series reflecting on Byock’s writing. You can find my first two reflections,

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Stations of the Cross

Have you ever wondered what it was like for Jesus to walk the way of the cross?  Well, one way to enter more fully into a holy Lent is to remember what Jesus endured during his last days on earth before the resurrection.  The Via Delarosa, the Way of the

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Part 2/4 : I Forgive You

The second of four words suggested by Ira Byock in his book, “The Four Things That Matter Most:  A Book About Living” are the words, “I forgive you.”  What powerful words! I find that the longer I hold onto a hurt, anger, or resentment, the longer I find my peace

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Increased Engagement In Outreach

Good morning, all!  Hope this post finds you doing great and enjoying this Wyoming winter wonderland.  I’m enjoying the warmth of a fire and a mug of hot coffee by my side. Here’s the thing, many of us have all sorts of resolutions or goals for 2016, right?  I want

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Want Some Younger-ish Fellowship?

Back in West Virginia I headed up a ministry I immensely loved. The name of the ministry was “The Thirties and Under Group,” not exactly the most innovative name, but pretty clear, none the less. This group of “thirties and under” met on a monthly basis. I didn’t have an

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