Part 2/4 : I Forgive You

The second of four words suggested by Ira Byock in his book, “The Four Things That Matter Most:  A Book About Living” are the words, “I forgive you.”  What powerful words! I find that the longer I hold onto a hurt, anger, or resentment, the longer I find my peace

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Increased Engagement In Outreach

Good morning, all!  Hope this post finds you doing great and enjoying this Wyoming winter wonderland.  I’m enjoying the warmth of a fire and a mug of hot coffee by my side. Here’s the thing, many of us have all sorts of resolutions or goals for 2016, right?  I want

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Want Some Younger-ish Fellowship?

Back in West Virginia I headed up a ministry I immensely loved. The name of the ministry was “The Thirties and Under Group,” not exactly the most innovative name, but pretty clear, none the less. This group of “thirties and under” met on a monthly basis. I didn’t have an

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Epiphany Draws Near

Tomorrow is the Feast of the Epiphany, and what a wondrous and amazing celebration it is!  Below is the Epiphany narrative.  I encourage you to read this Gospel narrative.  Read over it slowly and deliberately.  Allow yourself some quiet time to pray the Gospel, that is, simply allow the words

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Ministries Strengthened Due to Your Gifts

Greetings, faithful friends and family of Ascension & Holy Trinity!  Hope this eleventh day of Christmas finds you enjoying the waning days of Christmastide as we look to celebrate Epiphany during our Wednesday 10:00am Eucharist in the Memorial Chapel and this coming Sunday January 10th. I am very excited to

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