Walk to Bethlehem

This is a parish wide, inter-generational activity called WALK TO BETHLEHEM. The program is for all ages, from preschooler to older than you. Together as a congregation, we will plan to log enough exercise miles to get from Cincinnati to Bethlehem for Christmas. The program will kick off on Sunday, September 29 and conclude on Sunday, December 15. ANY exercise counts – walking, team sports and practice, band, gym work outs, swimming, golf, cycling, walking the dog, chair aerobics, physical therapy, etc., etc. 20 minutes of exercise equals one mile. Participants will record their miles for each week and turn them in either to the box located on the table below the Parish Health bulletin board in the main hallway or HERE ONLINE. We will then record our progress on the world map which will be posted there.

Sign up any time on or before September 29. Materials will be handed out on September 22 and 29. We are planning a mid-journey party on Friday, November 8 to see “where in the world” we are so we can be sure we reach our destination.

There are accompanying spiritual devotions suggestions to encourage the holistic mind, body, spirit goals of Parish Health Ministry. There will also be cultural information about the areas we are passing through and quiz questions for you to consider! Hopefully we will become a more physically, spiritually and culturally fit congregation while having lots of fun on our journey.