Psalm of the Day

In the Library – Join us as we discuss the Psalm appointed for the morning’s worship and learn more about the psalms in general.  Each week’s discussion is independent of previous discussions, so feel free to drop in and out as you are able.

October 6 – Psalm 37:1-10
This wisdom psalm reflects on the apparent prosperity of those who do evil; the psalmist is convinced that God rules the world.

October 13 – Psalm 111
The psalm of praise and thanksgiving expresses the response of those who discern both the who God is and how God acts on our behalf.

October 20 – Psalm 121
This pilgrimage psalm is an eloquent profession of faith in God’s providence and protection.

October 27 – Psalm 84: 1-6 (7-12)
This temple psalm proclaims that our destination, daily and eternally, lies in God who is intimately active and engaged in our lives.

November 3 – Psalm 32: 1-8
This penitential psalm testifies to God’s character as a gracious, forgiving God and describes the experience of acknowledging ones’ sin and receiving forgiveness.

November 10 – Psalm 17:1-9 (10-16)
This psalm is a prayer for help to the God whose ears are attuned to those who are poor and needy.

November 17 – Psalm 98
This royal psalm presents justice and righteousness established through God’s saving act and expresses creation’s exuberant response.