Spiritual Journey Workshop

YES! You are invited!!!!
Join US on
YOUR Spiritual Journey!

Wait, what did you say? “Join US on YOUR spiritual journey!”? What exactly does THAT mean?

As a result of the parish-wide survey we conducted last fall (just prior to Eric’s return from sabbatical), the A&HT RenewalWorks Team (more than twenty of us!) took part in an exercise which we found to be particularly inspiring and insightful, and we want to share that experience with the entire parish family.

One of the most prevalent learnings from the fall survey was a collective interest in increasing spiritual growth – both corporately and individually. But what does it mean to ‘grow spiritually’? The answer to that question lies within each of us, and the answer for each of us is acutely personal in nature.

Vestry and the RenewalWorks Team are sponsoring a handful of ‘spiritual growth workshops’ to help us understand this concept of ‘spiritual growth’, and where we are (individually) on our own spiritual journeys.

Beginning in August, we are hosting several workshops to discuss our spiritual journeys. Each workshop will be hosted by a pair of A&HT members who have already begun wrestling with these notions themselves. The workshop hosts will facilitate discussion and dialogue among and between the participants in each session. It is our hope and expectation that everyone who participates will be inspired and enriched in their own spirituality as a result of their participation, and that these workshops can provide a sort of ‘common ground’ upon which we can build understanding and further dialogue about how to pursue spiritual growth.

Each of you are invited to join us in one or more of these sessions! The table below shows the preliminary dates and times we are offering the workshops. Please RSVP to Sarah Cotterill in the Parish Office by phone (513-821-5341) or email (office@ascensionholytrinity.com) and provide your name and email address so we may provide you with workshop materials and pre-reading.

Wednesday, Aug.21 7:00-9:00pm Hosts: Jean Panos & Jim Getgey
Thursday, Aug.29 10:00-noon Hosts: Don Schmidt & Rich Gomez
Saturday, Sept.7 10:00-noon Hosts: Anne Brack & Rich Gomez

Please let us know if you are interested but, for some reason, none of these dates/times works for you! More may be scheduled as demand warrants.