Espirtu Santo – How we can help in the next 6 months

Espíritu Santo is the emerging Spanish-language congregation in Forest Park, led by the Rev. Maggie Foote. This is a joyful family-centered spiritual community which is moving towards the goal of holding weekly services by Día de los Muertos (end of October). It serves the multinational cities of Forest Park (9% Latino) and Springdale (19% Latino). Maggie says the Episcopal Church is a good fit for many immigrant families who grew up Catholic but are impeded and daunted from participating in Catholic sacraments by Catholic rules they are unable to comply with.


English Speaking Volunteers are welcome:

Homework Club for students and English conversation for adults on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-7, current programs organized by members include a clothing swap, food pantry, Mexican cooking classes at 5pm on Thursday before Homework Club.

Guitar lessons with Eric Miller on Thursday afternoons.

Gardening help this summer from 6-7 on Tuesday and Thursdays.

In addition, families are invited to a Latino Family Camp called Sagrada Familia at Procter each summer.

Financially, please consider supporting the weekly worship start up  and/or sponsoring families for Sagrada Familia with your loose change, or write a check with Espirtu Santo to sponsor a camper (cost is $275 for two people, $85 for additional campers) .