A&HT Book of Job and Lenten Practices for 2019

Our Formation and Music Ministries have joined to put together a special group of opportunities to customize your exploration of the Book of Job this Lent from March 9-April 7. In addition to scholarly bible study, we are bringing in scholars from different faith traditions from around the Midwest and running a book club. We want to create space to allow everyone who is interested to participate without guilt, regardless of how much time they have. We want to support you in your growth. Professional childcare and snacks will be provided.  All of the events are free and open to the public. Hover your mouse over any event you are interested in to learn more.

There will be three different studies, at different times, wrapping up with a concert and reception on April 7 at 4p, and you can participate in one as a drop in or all of them.

On Saturdays at 10a, join us in a book club, led by Robyn Gibboney, to discuss J. Gerald Janzen’s At the Scent of Water, the Ground of Hope.

On Sundays at 9a, join us in a 4 week scholarly bible study, led by Colleen Matthews. Mr. Janzen will join us on April 7 at 9a.

On Sundays at 11:15a, join us in a 5 week guest lecture series. Guests from outside of A&HT include:

Dr. Jason Kalman, from Hebrew Union College

Professor John Brolley, from University of Cincinnati

Professor Marti Steussy, from Christian Theological Seminary

April 7 is our capstone day. Mr. Janzen speaks at 9a. Professor Steussy speaks at 11:15a. They will be with us during the concert at 4p as Theologian and Storyteller as we listen to Ted Gibboney, Minister of Music, play our newly renovated organ. We will close the event with a reception in the Parish Hall. You are welcome to come to that, even if it’s the only event you can make.

We offer guided meditation on Tuesdays at 7:30p and Wednesdays at 9:00a, and Worship with Eucharist at 8 and 10a on Sundays, as well as on Wednesdays at 10a.

Stations of the cross will be every Friday at 7p. Lay led evening prayer will resume in Eastertide.

Outreach opportunities are to support Matthew 25 on March 20 and April 17 and March 23 (family focused) and to support Habitat for Humanity on March 21 or April 13 at Rock the Block . The loose change collection (any coins you put into the offertory) goes to Cincinnati Hope Coalition in March and to Matthew 25 in April.

Parish Health Ministry is leading a 6 week program, Walking with Jesus, to improve health together. Find out more

Our prayers are with you for whatever you choose your Lenten path to be in 2019. We are here for you.