The Fringe Hamilton

On Sunday, February 24th from 5-6pm, The Fringe Hamilton will be joining us in the Assembly room to share their ministry. The Fringe was born out of an unfortunate lack of local Christian community and dedication to those on the “fringe” of our society – peoples with involvement in the legal system, who struggle with addiction, who face housing instability and homelessness, and others. Patrick and Sarah, the couple who started the church, both have incredible stories and an unceasing passion for reaching the lost. The Fringe runs multiple ministries apart from their weekly church services, including art/music therapy programs inside local prisons and sponsorships for children whose parents are currently incarcerated. This church is a true picture of God’s love and grace, and I am so excited to have them visiting with us. Although they have not asked for anything, I would love if A&HT would be able to put together a small collection/gift for them. They can always use composition notebooks (for their prison ministry) and small denomination food/gas gift cards. If you would like to learn more, please check out their website and Facebook page.