what do you love most about A&HT?
Share The Love

Share the Love

Stewardship packets were mailed to everyone’s homes last week. If you did not receive your packet in the mail, please contact Sarah in the church office to confirm your mailing address and request a new packet.

You also may pick up a blank pledge card and copy of stewardship materials in the Narthex (back of church, on guest book podium) or in the hallway outside of Sarah’s office (on table with gold cross).

NEW THIS YEAR! Choose one of the following options to submit your pledge:

1. Bring or mail your completed pledge card to A&HT anytime on or before October 28, 2018.
2. Email your pledge information to stewardship.aht@gmail.com.
3. Call Laura Bence, Stewardship Campaign Co-Chair, with your pledge information.

What do you love most about A&HT?
This Sunday, October 21st, look for the bags in the pews with paper hearts, pens and instructions. Write your answer to the question “what do you love most about A&HT?” on one of the hearts, then place the heart in the collection plate or give to an usher after the service. All ages are welcome to participate. You may write your name on the heart or your answer can be anonymous. You may submit more than one heart. Everyone’s paper hearts will be on display during the celebration lunch. Let’s fill the Parish Hall with love!

Stewardship Sentiments
Many thanks to Nikki DeWitt and Jean Panos, our Stewardship Sentiment speakers for the first two Sundays of this month. This Sunday, look forward to hearing from A&HT youth!

Celebration Lunch
Plan to join us for Ingathering Sunday, October 28th for lunch in the Parish Hall after the 10:00 a.m. worship service. All are welcome. No RSVP required.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Laura Bence, Alex Guest and Jerome Guest
2018 Stewardship Campaign Co-Chairs