Gathering Groups

We are forming ‘gathering groups’ with the objective of enhancing our sense of community within the Parish. We have seen real growth over the past few years, and we want to take this time to actively foster our relationships among one another – both new and old – to help us get to know one another better and ultimately to help us live our mission and take God’s love into the world.

Our vision for these gathering groups is pretty simple:
  • Groups of 8-12 adults (small enough to foster intimate conversation, but large enough to withstand the inevitable scheduling conflicts that preclude everyone from participating in every gathering group get-together),
  • Scheduled at dates/times/places that match your busy schedules, and
  • Held in a manner that is most comfortable for your participation.
Creation of gathering group ‘membership’ will be random (other than the extent to which we try to group people by their expressed preferences (as indicated in your responses below). Ideally everyone in the Parish will ‘opt in’ on these new gathering groups!
To that end, we want your input to ensure the gathering groups are created to best meet your needs.
Please submit your input online here.