Summer Music at A&HT

During the summer months of June and July our Adult choir gets a well deserved break from their weekly Thursday evening rehearsals. The worship needs of the congregation do not take a break, and we always plan for Sunday worship to be an anchor for our people. The good news from the musical perspective is that there is limitless music that is meaningful and fun that is not difficult to sing, and to paraphrase a well-known dictum, “where two or three are gathered together, let’s make music!” Starting on Sunday, June 3, The A&HT Summer Choir will meet at 9:00am every Sunday to rehearse the hymns and service music for the day. Also, our well-stocked music library has a TON of good music that can be learned in a single rehearsal, which we will have on hand to stretch our voices, and to connect us to the worship liturgy of the day. If you are in town, if you love to sing, if you think you might LIKE to learn to sing, if you want to have fun, or if you ascribe to the phrase She Who Sings Prays twice, JOIN US FOR SUMMER CHOIR AT A&HT! Also, summer is a great time to try new stuff. If you have favorite songs, hymns, or anthems, do let Ted Gibboney know. We also are lining up instrumentalists to help us lead worship at 8:30am and 10:00am in the heat of the summer. What ideas do you have?