Friendships That Endure

Dear Beloved of Ascension & Holy Trinity,

My dear friend, colleague, and brother in Christ, Pastor Ed Goode, has made the difficult decision to resign from serving as head pastor of Wyoming Presbyterian Church. It is likely that unreconciled differences led to Ed’s decision to resign as minister of his congregation. Ed and his family were one of the first families my wife and children met when we moved to Wyoming.

My heart breaks for Ed, his wife, and his children. Today is Ed’s final Sunday with “PCW.” When we have a friend in need, we go to them and support them, if at all possible. With Maggie’s presence, and with the support of our Senior ands Junior Wardens, I have chosen to be with Ed for his final 10:00 service at PCW. I will be back for our “Better Be Ready” class after our liturgy.

Please remember that when Christians have differences of opinion they seek to work out their differences, or at the very least to accept the other side. The Church is not any building, property, diocese, or presbytery. The Church is “us,” the people of God, the body of Christ, working together to reconcile the world to a loving and gracious God.

We live in extremely challenging times with all sorts of “hot-button” issues. My hope and my expectation for us at A&HT is that when we have our differences, we will treat one another with love and grace and humility, always seeking to first listen for understanding that we may continue the good work begun here long before my arrival.

I am certain you are in capable hands with Maggie at the altar. I look forward to being with you soon for one of our Lenten formation offerings, “Better Be Ready.”

In God’s Grace,
Eric L. Miller+