Shrove Tuesday Invitation!

SIGN up NOW with your ACT for the Variety Show!    Sign up sheets on the Front hallway bulletin board  in in the Parish Hall!

Volunteers needed for Monday, at noon, for set up of tables & chairs, please.

Or, email Christina, , for sign ups or volunteering.

For the Pot Luck Dinner, please bring

 your contribution of

Soup, Salad, Side dish or dessert to compliment our main course…Lasagna!

Parish Hall doors open open 5:40pm, or use side office doors.

Shrove Tuesday

February, 13th

6 – 9pm

Pot Luck Dinner

Parish Hall

6- 6:45pm

including Homemade Lasagna,

thanks to Mary Bayer,
Jean Panos &
Rosemary Miller, Jon Boss

and your contribution of

Soup, Salad, Side dish or dessert!

A&HT Variety Show

immediately following dinner,

your talents performed…

till the fun is over!

Bring a friend & all the family!!!