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“You Better Be Ready”

“You Better Be Ready”

Starting February 18
after coffee hour in the Assembly Room

I invite you all to join us as we gather together for a five week series, called “You Better Be Ready” during the season of Lent. We will cover the deep theological questions, as well as some practical advice for end of life planning. If you’re thinking that you’re too young to be worried about this, I encourage you to think about it! I found the whole process to be very meaningful even while in seminary as a healthy 27 year old!

We will also have some break-out sessions that will address how adult children of elderly parents can engage with some of these issues with their parents. I am so looking forward to engaging in this hard spiritual work again, and to do it in this wonderful community. I hope you’ll join us.

The dates of the sessions are February 18, 25, March 4, 11, 18 after coffee hour. Nursery care will be provided for folks with children to enable all to participate. Each session will last about 45 minutes. We look forward to this formative time together.