Procter Eucharist welcomes everyone, ally
Procter Camp

Procter Camp Sunday Feb. 4th

Breaking News! This just in! Ascension & Holy Trinity is having its first ever Procter Camp Sunday on February 4th! You will not want to miss this very memorable, marvelous Sunday.
What’s so special about having a Procter Camp Sunday? Thanks for asking. For starters, several of our A&HT high school students will be preaching at both the 8:00 and 10:00 liturgies. These awesome high school students will be sharing about how they have witnessed God’s love through their Procter Camp experiences. We’ll learn about Procter Camp formation, worship, campfire time, and connecting with God through connecting with each other.
What about the music? Well, we will have both our usual Sunday morning music with the Chancel Choir singing a lovely offertory anthem. The service music will be from our hymnal, too. Plus, Maggie Foote will be teaching our youth and adults a couple of Procter Camp songs at different parts during the liturgy!
Additionally, we are fortunate to have a close connection with Andrea Foote, Director of Camp and Youth Ministry for the Diocese. Andrea will be with us on Procter Camp Sunday to support the campers sharing about their connections with God through camp. Plus, during coffee hour Andrea will share about her own experiences at Procter Camp and will be happy to discuss any questions and/or ideas folks have about the upcoming camp season.
Did you know that your rector is serving as chaplain for Family Camp #1 June 8-10th? That’s right, Eric will be hanging at Procter Camp all that weekend participating in the life of Family Camp, leading campfire talks, celebrating Holy Eucharists, helping with adult formation, and soaking in the love of God through camp. Lynn Fitzwater will be at Family Camp #1, too, serving as camp nurse. Have you registered for camp yet?
To wrap it up, you do not want to miss Procter Camp Sunday February 4th! Eric and Maggie will be donning their Procter Camp tee shirts, and you are invited to wear your Procter apparel, too! Invite your friends to this fun for the entire family worship service, and invite them to camp!