She's the first Latina bishop

Visitation from Bishop Nedi Rivera

Quinquagesmia falls on February 11 this year, and as it happens, Bishop Nedi Rivera will be celebrating Eucharist with us at the 8a and 10a services. Your kids are always welcome and we will also have the nursery available.  Please join us to celebrate worship and coffee hour with snacks.
From The Episcopal Church:
“Nedi hails from California and served there for most of her church ministry. Her first sign of leadership was getting a junior choir started in her home parish when she was around ten years old. She was ordained deacon in 1975 by her father Victor Rivera (San Joaquin, and the first Latino bishop on mainland US) on behalf of the Bishop of California, Kim Myers who ordained her to the priesthood in 1979.  She served congregations in San Rafael, Ross, Salinas, Pleasant Hill, and San Francisco, California.  In Salinas, she helped her congregation begin a Spanish-speaking congregation, and presented for ordination Esperanza Garcia, the first Latina deacon in the Diocese of El Camino Real.  She says her theology has been expanded by celebrating the Eucharist in Spanish and other languages.  She longs for a church which reflects the diversity of Revelation 7:9 “…  great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb.” She was called to become the first Latina bishop (Suffragan) in 2005 by the people of the Diocese of Olympia where she served for five years.  She then served as bishop of the Diocese of Eastern Oregon for seven years and retired in April 2016.  She now volunteers in her local school pre-school class in Northside, Ohio. She loves singing, dancing, movies, baseball and (at her advanced age) learning to play piano.”