Coffee Hour & Connecting with Each Other


It’s time to think about hosting Coffee Hours in the winter and spring.

There is a new calendar opening up in Signup Genius, and if you or your children attend Coffee Hour, this is your chance to step up and host.  Better yet, tap a friend and sign up together.  Is there an occasion coming up that you would like to celebrate with your parish family – a birthday, or anniversary?  This is a great opportunity.

We now have some help available – we laid in a stock of cookies in the kitchen pantry.  In addition, if you would like to be reimbursed for coffee hour refreshments, there is a small budget available for that, too.  Please get an OK from Jean Panos before proceeding.

Recall that coffee hour is coffee, not brunch.  An elaborate spread is not necessary.  “One to a customer” has been working out pretty well – thanks to all of the parents who have been reinforcing this with their children.

Hosting coffee hour involves 4 things:

  • Shopping (optional)
    • Purchase juice or milk for the children, dairy creamer if you like it, and food if you would like
  • Preparation about 45-60 minutes before the 10 AM service
    • Make coffee and tea in the kitchen, and pour into carafes.  Directions are posted.  Contact Jean Panos if you want a private lesson
      • It is nice to make a pitcher of lemonade so that the children have something to drink.  There is a big container of lemonade powder on the refrigerator, with directions on the package.  Pitchers in the pantry.
    • Set out coffee mugs, condiments, napkins.  Usually the cart in the kitchen has these, and they are replenished from the kitchen pantry.  You shouldn’t need plates unless you are serving something like cake.  For finger foods, napkins are fine.
    • Set out a package of cookies from the pantry, if you would like
  • Leave church after the Eucharist for final setup
  • Clean up (including loading the dishwasher) after Coffee Hour

On weeks when no one has signed up to host coffee hour, there will be coffee, tea, and lemonade in the Parish Hall.  Anyone who wants to do a drinks-only coffee hour is more than welcome to do so.  We always want to have this welcoming space for post-service mingling.

We understand there may be some hesitation if you have never been in the A&HT kitchen.  Please feel free to text or phone Jean Panos 513-535-4658 and she will be happy to show you around.  This is an important ministry and a great way to pitch in without a big obligation.  Please consider contributing to our vital A&HT in this way.