Do you need social media help? Or do you want to help people learn about social media?

Do you need social media help?


Or are you proficient with social media and want to volunteer your time?


The Wyoming HS Chapter of the InterAlliance is running a group called “Technology Help for over 50” at the Wyoming Rec Center. While the title says “Over 50”, they will work with anyone. There is no cost for this and open to anyone, not just Wyoming residents. Students, you have the opportunity to sign up and assist with these sessions.


Sessions are currently scheduled for

Sept 18  3:30-4:30 PM

Sept 24  3-4 PM

Sept 24 4-5 PM

Oct 17 3:30-4:30 PM

Nov 5 3-4 PM

Nov 4 4-5 PM

Nov 12 3-4 PM

Dec 3  3-4 PM

Dec 3 4-5 PM


You can sign up in 3 one of 3 ways for both the class or to volunteer:

I have been working with the facilitators and asking them to review our site and social media for anyone in our church that signs up. You may need to mention that you are from A&HT but they should have all that information before the class starts.
Thank you and happy learning!