Are you called? New IHN Coordinators needed

Are you called?

The IHN coordinator recruits a team of people 5-6 times a year with four distinct and time-limited roles:

  1. to buy and drop off food,
  2. cook and serve a meal,
  3. organize children’ activities after dinner, and
  4. sleep overnight at Christ Church Glendale.

Alex uses an internet-based scheduling tool and sends out emails to inform people of upcoming hosting nights. It is not essential for the coordinator to be onsite for every hosting night.


The reward is knowing that you are ensuring safety and respite for parents, infants and children going through the extreme duress of homelessness, and that you are freeing up IHN resources to go into case management to help families regain stable housing.


This ministry calls for the ability to inform and inspire people to act. All the service roles have clear job descriptions. Christ Church members oversee the entire hosting week and are on hand to help teams from partner churches.


If you are intrigued by the coordinator role. please contact Don Schmidt at 513-607-2669.