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Ways to Worship!

Greetings, sisters and brothers of Ascension & Holy Trinity and any other readers out in the inter webs.  This Sunday June 4th is as very special Sunday.  Sunday June 4th is Pentecost when we recognize the gift of the Holy Spirit over all God’s creation to equip us to share the reconciling love of Jesus!  I can’t wait to celebrate Pentecost and the gift of the Holy Spirit with each of you.

June 4th is also a special Sunday in the year for Ascension & Holy Trinity because we change over to our summer worship schedule.  That’s right, this Sunday our 8:00am service moves to an outdoor 8:30 worship experience!  I love our 8:00 congregation for many reasons, one being that they are so flexible.  Several years ago now I talked with our 8:00-ers to see how they felt about adjusting to outdoor at 8:30, and they were completely flexible with this fun option for the summer months.

So, I realize that some folks feel the only way to do church is by being inside of a church building on Sunday morning.  That’s fine by me.  Please join us for that indoor worship experience this Sunday at 10:00am.  That’s right, our 10:00 service is still inside all summer long.  For me, though, I LOVE that so many Ascension & Holy Trinity-ers understand that “church” isn’t a building, but rather, “church” is the people of God, the body of Christ.  Plus, “church” as the body of Christ is to bear witness.  Offering worship on our Gathering Place, the brick patio on the Worthington Ave. side of our church property, in clear site of all who walk and drive by on Sunday morning is an excellent way of bearing witness to God’s all-encompassing love.

So, join us this Sunday at 8:30 outside on the Gathering Place or inside at 10:00, and go on ahead and bring a friend.  We are quite the welcoming and hospitable faith community.  Remember with me that the 8:30 outdoor service is about as casual as the Episcopal Church gets.  Our altar is the picnic type of table.  We don’t schedule lectors and chalice bearers and all of those sorts of roles for the outdoor worship.  I ask you to read, and most folks don’t mind sharing the gift of their voice to lead in the reading of the Sunday lessons.  We serve Eucharist to one another in the round.  Maggie and I don’t offer a formal sermon, but rather, we discuss what our homily is about and invite your participation through a discussion question.

Photographs go great with blog posts.  So, why isn’t there a pic in this blog?  I don’t have a pic of us worshiping together outside.  So, why not bring your camera or your smartphone this Sunday to our outdoor worship and get some great pics for blog posts, newsletters, websites, etc! Edit: 6/11/17 with a picture from our Parish Picnic, Maggie’s reception. 

I’ll see you in the pews, on the streets, and hopefully in our outdoor chairs at Eucharist this Sunday!

In God’s Grace,

Eric L. Miller+