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Stations of the Resurrection

Ascension & Holy Trinity has faithfully practiced praying the Stations of the Cross Friday evenings throughout Lent for the last few years now. We get anywhere from two to twelve people on a Friday evening to pray the fourteen stations in our church nave. New within the last couple of years is the addition of the Stations of the Cross icons gifted to us from St. Stephen’s Episcopal in Mount Healthy. These stations have been a wonderful addition to our nave and fit in nicely with the style of our architecture and the colors of our worship space.

Brand new for Ascension & Holy Trinity in 2017 is the opportunity to pray the Stations of the Resurrection! That’s right, you read correctly. Not only does the Episcopal Church recognize and affirm the value of entering into the suffering and death of Jesus through the Stations of the Cross, but we also affirm the importance of living most fully in the power of the resurrection through praying the Stations of the Resurrection.

I had forgotten about the Stations of the Resurrection from Saint Augustine’s Prayer Book, until seeing the Resurrection Stations pamphlet produced by our own Forward Movement. From Forward Movement:

“Taken as a whole, the gospel accounts of the Risen Lord’s encounters with his disciples are full of movement. It seems someone is always going somewhere—often arriving too late and often surprised at what is found. This devotion, modeled in some ways on the Stations of the Cross, draws the various gospel stories together and provides a framework for reflecting on them.

There are many ways to use the Stations of the Resurrection in your spiritual journey. The gospel accounts and prayers could be read quietly and in one place. Stations might be prepared, either with images or perhaps with candles set in various locations around the nave, which could be lit from the Paschal Candle as the procession moves from station to station. An individual might plan a walk or hike, with various stopping points to read the meditations and with the time spent walking between stations used for prayer and meditation. And like the Stations of the Cross, these suggestions can be adapted to a range of situations.

This devotion interweaves the accounts from the various gospels. Each gospel has its own perspective that is expressed in the details and the chronology it presents. This compilation is intended as a means of reflection and prayer on the larger witness to the Living Christ that the four gospels offer together (Forward Movement, pamphlet, “Stations of the Resurrection”).”

And so, I am excited to invite you to join us in praying the Stations of the Resurrection this Eastertide on Sunday afternoon May 7th at 1:30 at Winton Woods. You are welcome to bring well-behaved dogs on leash to enjoy the prayer walk. The walk should take about an hour to complete, and all are welcome.

In God’s Grace,
Eric L. Miller+