Spring Cleaning Volunteers Needed!

Spring Cleaning April 15-21 for Earth Day!

Calling for volunteers to help clean out items we don’t need any time during the week of April 15-21 so we can participate in Wyoming’s Earth Day Spring Clean Up on April 22. Just think how cathartic it will be to Create Order Out of Chaos. Among the items we need to move to the curb: several heavy folding banquet tables in the former Rummage Room and other assorted interesting stuff that may be useful to our neighbors. We can start putting things on the curb April 15. We also need to sort items like old paint which we no longer need and which could go to Matthew 25 Ministries or need to be taken to the county’s toxics acceptance sites. If you would like to be the Captain of a Room (including the tool room on the main floor, the furnace room, the fan room, and any of the three rooms in the former rummage space) and bring a team to take out things we no longer need, please contact me so I can find a mutually convenient time that week to help you.

Thanks to Debbie Rumke for the suggestion that we take advantage of the city’s Spring Clean Up.

Ariel Miller, Junior Warden