Christian Formation New Members Needed

Time commitment:  The Christian Formation Council only meets about three to four times a year – twice in August and once or twice in January.

Duties: This council looks at a list of programs, books, movies, and any other topics or interests that the parish brings to its attention.  We discuss the ideas, decide on a “menu” of possibilities for the year, put these possibilities to the parish for a vote to discover interests, and then plan a calendar for the year!

Who can volunteer?  – Anyone!  You DO NOT have to have any experience in planning or teaching Christian Formation.  We want members that are looking to get involved in our church and have an interest in learning more about their faith, while building relationships with their church family.

When would I start?   We are hoping to get this group together to meet once in May to get to know each other, talk about the process, and hear everyone’s ideas.  Then we would meet in August to plan for next year.

Please email Bridget Glover at if you are interested.

Rich Gomez and Bridget Glover

Christian Formation Chairs