Our Staff

12540698_10208554534998128_6410490371531002443_nOur Rector, The Rev. Eric L. Miller, comes to us from the Diocese of West Virginia. Eric has served as rector of Ascension & Holy Trinity since August of 2010. Eric’s gifts are preaching, pastoral care, and drawing the church together for a common purpose with excitement and enthusiasm.

The Rev. Carol Potterton is a vocational deacon, and her gifts include pastoral care, healing ministries, and reaching out to the needs of the greater community.

The Rev. Maggie Foote serves as our parish resident for two years; year one as a transitional deacon, and year two as a priest. The task of a resident is to jump in with both feet into the life of the parish with a desire to learn from the rector, other staff, and entire parish. Maggie has jumped in wholeheartedly; her gifts include an emphasis on social justice, preaching, and sharing her technological skills to advance God’s kingdom.

Sarah Cotterill serves as part-time parish administrator and is gifted with keeping our schedules running smoothly and seeing to it that all of our ministry spaces aren’t overbooked, among a plethora of other ministry tasks.

Mark Heiskanen serves part-time as Minister of Music and works with our chancel choir, handbell choir, summer choir, and music guild. Mark is gifted with his attention to detail while being able to look at the greater picture. He has a firm understanding that music is used to praise God, and that through music our hearts may be transformed.
Sandy Rempe is our preschool director. Sandy does a magnificent job of teaching our preschoolers a sense of compassion and respect for God’s creation, and she excels at caring for the child and their families.

Our Vestry is comprised of nine members at large with a Senior Warden and a Junior Warden. Our 2017 Vestry is as follows: Rich Gómez, Senior Warden, Ariel Miller, Junior Warden, Mary Allardyce, David Bence, Anne Brack, Patsy Davis, John Fitzwater, Amy Getgey, Mary Melville, Nikki DeWitt, and Don Schmidt