We support church family members who are active in the following local ministries:

Valley Interfaith Food & Clothing Center
This ministry in Lockland provides food and clothing to needy families in the Mill Creek Valley.

Interfaith Hospitality Network
This ministry provides emergency shelter and hospitality for temporarily homeless families. We partner with Christ Church, Glendale in hosting these families.

Episcopal Community Services Foundation
This ministry equips local Episcopal churches to provide help and hope to Ohioans in need.

Community Dinners
In partnership with St. Simon of Cyrene, we provide free dinners on the second Tuesday of each month at St. Simon’s in Lincoln Heights, feeding hungry youth and seniors in that neighborhood.

We support the neighbors-in-need activities of A&HT individuals through Loose Change Offerings

We support annual mission trips for A&HT families of all ages
In 2013 we held our second annual Helping Our Neighbors In Need Week, offering short mission trips to seven local ministries.


We support these making-a-difference Episcopal healthcare missions in the developing world:

The medical mission of Drs. Anita and Michael Dohn in the Dominican Republic
Anita and Michael Dohn and family are Cincinnati-based Episcopalians serving needy Dominican families.

A nursing scholarship in Liberia
We are funding two thirds of the nursing college costs of Rachel Fakoli, daughter of an Episcopal Deacon.